Colombiana's BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Sale

The time has finally arrived for us to announce the details of this year's Black Friday Sale. If you are looking for details on when the Colombiana's Black Friday sale will begin, what products will be on sale, and what sale percentage to expect, you're in the right place! Before we begin unlocking the mystery of our most anticipated sale of the year, be sure to subscribe to our BLACK FRIDAY newsletter to get notified as soon as the sale is live. Be the first to scoop up your favorite jeans or fajas at the lowest prices... before they sell out. 





What will be on sale for Black Friday?

We don't discriminate - everything will be on sale for Black Friday. We're talking Jeans. Fajas. Butt Lifters. Waist Trainers. Bras. Our Clearance tab. Yes- there will be a Sale on our Sale tab. It's gonna be great. To read more about what exact products will be on sale, click here

That sounds amazing. But what will the discounts be?

We have a few extra tricks up our sleeve for this Black Friday. (early sales that no one knows about. wink wink.) Which is why we strongly suggest you make your way to our Black Friday only subscribers list. All the BF related promotions will be sent via this list so be sure you're subscribed so you don't miss any bonus sales. 
But to answer your question? Here are some important dates for the sale.
Black Friday Week 11/22 - 11/25: 40% off jeans + clearance 
Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 11/26 - 11/29: 50% off everything

WOW. Ok. But why would I shop the 40% off sale when I could just wait for the 50% off sale on Friday? 

You absolutely don't have to shop the 40% off sale, this sale is for those who really have an eye on a specific item and want to make sure they don't miss out on their chance to get the item! Black Friday will be our busiest and highest sales day, so there is a chance the jean you want will have very low stock that day and can sell out fast. 

Will you guys be closing the website on Thanksgiving this year?

It's very true that in our past, we have closed down our website for Thanksgiving and opened back up on Black Friday, however this year since we will be opening up our sale earlier than usual our website will be open!

How can I prepare for the Black Friday Sale ahead of time?

Good question, doll! We suggest to add the jeans you want ahead of time, to avoid your size being sold out. If you have an express payment option like Applepay, Paypal, or Shoppay already set up, even better You can literally check out in less than a minute! If you have any customer service questions regarding sizing, shipping, etc, be sure to reach out to customer service to ask these questions before the peak times of Black Friday! 

Would I be able to reach Customer Service during BF?

Yes! Our phone lines will still be open the night of BLACK FRIDAY at 12AM - 2AM. Our customer care team will be staying up extra late to answer all of your questions. Live chat and Facebook messenger will also be available.

Will Afterpay and Shop Pay Installments be available payment options during the Colombiana Boutique Black Friday Sale?

Yes, and we encourage to really take advantage of these payment options! Fill your cart and choose one of these options at checkout to split your total into 4 equal payments in 8 weeks! We know we're definitely going to be using this option all holiday season.

Black Friday Shipping & Returns Policy

There will be no free shipping throughout 11/22 - 11/30.
Returns will be accepted for your Black Friday purchases, however the customer must pay return shipping.
Exchanges will be accepted for your Black Friday purchase, but customer must pay shipping both ways, and can only choose jeans that were launched prior to the Black Friday sale. Jeans lthat are aunched after the BF/CM sale, are excluded from all exchanges. 



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