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How Does Waist Training Improve your Posture? | Waist Training 101

5 Ways Waist Training Can Improve Your Posture and Reduce Back Pain  Hannah Warren  Expert Health & Wellness Blogger from U.K   How often do you slouch? Do you even...

5 Ways Waist Training Can Improve Your Posture and Reduce Back Pain 

waist training for posture -Colombiana Boutique

Hannah Warren 

Expert Health & Wellness Blogger from U.K


How often do you slouch? Do you even know you’re doing it? Whether you spend 40+ hours a week bent over a desk or spend hours on your feet, your posture can suffer during working hours and later when you kick back and relax at home. It’s an unfortunate truth that most of us simply don’t have the core strength to sit and walk around all day with a pin-straight spine, and even if you have abs of steel it won’t stop you slouching over your desk when you’re distracted. Simply, our modern lifestyle isn’t good for our posture and back health.

So what can you do? You may have heard about using a waist trainer to help you correct your posture, but can it really help? Here are 5 ways a waist trainer can help you improve your posture and reduce back pain related to bad posture.

1. It Will Help You Be More Conscious of Your Posture 

waist training for posture -Colombiana Boutique

The aim of a waist trainer is to hold everything into the right position and a new shape. If you’ve bought the correct size waist trainer for you (we’re always happy to help you find the right size, watch this before you waist train) it will be just tight enough to feel like a firm hold around your core and will thus make you conscious of how you’re sitting or standing. If you choose a waist trainer with bones, it will likely be uncomfortable to fully slouch over, and so you’ll sit up straight. 

2. Enhances Your Confidence 

waist training for posture -Colombiana Boutique

Be honest – you want better posture and less pain, but you’d be happy with a smaller waist, too, right? (I know I would!) Fortunately, a waist trainer can do both, and the confidence of knowing you are standing tall, you are being held in all the right places, your boobs are lifted… how could you not feel like a million bucks? You’ll want to sit in your desk chair like you can take on the world and walk with your shoulders back and head held high. 

3. Helps Build Core Strength 

waist training for posture -Colombiana Boutique

When you wear a waist trainer and change your posture you’ll start to develop strength in muscles you’ve not been using correctly in years. You also may find with your newfound posture, confidence, and smaller waist that you want to spend a little more time at home or in the gym working out so you can look and feel even better. This core strength will help you combat bad posture and associated pain even further. 

4. Additional Support for Moms 

Becoming a mom is an amazing experience, but it can also be extremely hard on your body, both in pregnancy and in the years following. During your pregnancy, the abdominal wall has to relax to allow room for the baby to grow and often your posture will change some to compensate for the additional weight.

In the months and years after, moms have to deal with heavier breasts while breastfeeding, picking up their babies and children at all hours of the day and night, often when your back muscles aren’t ready, and bend over to get down to your child’s level. Wearing a waist trainer during the day will give your abdominal wall the support to recover, help you maintain better posture, and move around during the day in a way that is far better for you – not to mention the extra confidence you’ll feel as you regain your feminine shape.

5. Help You Keep a Long Straight Spine 

The key to good posture and a healthy spine is keeping it from rounding forward while sitting – there are many back problems that can be caused by bad posture at work. Our spine needs to keep its elongated shape to maintain good disc health and prevent muscles from becoming tense and stiff. A good quality waist trainer will align with your spine to keep it in the right position while you sit at your desk. 

If you’re ready to see how a waist cincher can change your posture for good, read our guide on waist trainers – 5 Types of Waist Cinchers and How to Use Them, see our range of waist cinchers, and if you’re a plus-sized curvy gal see our recommendations on the best waist cinchers and shapewear for you here. 


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