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      World of FAJAS 101

      3 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Your Body Shaper

      3 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Your Body Shaper

      It is very important that you are aware, before investing in a control garment, about the goals you want to accomplish with such purchase.

      Through prolonged wearing, girdles not only reduce inches when compressing the body and "Shaping" but also during your postpartum process they help you control your abdomen so as muscles and skin recover their normal tone and shape, as it favors the rearrangement of the skin and the abdominal area. You will feel secure when walking while the organs rearrange. On the other hand, it reduces your size while highlighting your natural figure.

      1)Your Size:

      Girdles have different sizes and models allowing a wide range of possibilities when choosing. We have sizes from 3xs to 3xl and different types of shapes as the different types of female bodies. Colombiana Boutique has unique references designed for the perfect fit of your figure which adapts to your body, taking into account your height and torso measures. We recommend choosing your size after delivery since during your pregnancy it is difficult to predict the level of abdominal inflammation you will have after your baby is born.


      For us, your comfort and health of your skin are important, so we not only have an elastic and compressible material such as POWERNET, but it is combined with a fully lined LYCRA SPANDEX surface. Making sure your body will begin to feel an immediate RELIEF and COMFORT, which are two (2) of the most important factors in terms of benefits when selecting one of these products.

      In addition, we are the pioneer in implementing the latest features in smart fabrics, which on contact with the skin, release active components of vitamin E to help moisturize your skin for added softness and elasticity.


      We are leaders in innovation and design with more than 20 references for the care of your figure. Short or long girdles, abdominal or waist girdles, boyshorts, control legs girdle up to the knee, with or without bra included, strapless, or back cover design: you choose it according to your convenience. If you have long, toned legs and like to wear skirts, we recommend a waist girdle, but if you think you should highlight your buttocks and tone your legs we recommend the knee-length design.

      Girdle With 3-level clasps - this reference will allow a gradually abdominal compression according to your need. The full coverage in the back outlines your figure offering support to hide the excess of the skin; the strips are interchangeable and adjustable to wear them with your favorite clothes and bra. If you are looking for an invisible girdle, you should wear the Lycra spandex fabric-only model, with moderate pressure to mold, or the model with a side zipper which also gives you more freedom in your movements, you won’t notice it!

      Further Recommendations

      If your delivery is by C-Section, you should wear the girdle after a month, but if your delivery is natural, wear the girdle when you feel more comfortable after 10 or 15 days of your delivery.

      Finally, as an additional recommendation, our garments come with special packaging that allows storage in the fridge for a few hours. This will allow you to have your girdle as new and tone your skin from the cold effect on your skin. For your everyday girdle, you can easily choose from our extensive variety of garments according to your outerwear or you can contact us if you need help choosing the right garment. 

      Taking care of your body and health is our top priority that is why our garments are always your best choice. 

      For More Information On Our Products Go to -

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      Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Shapewear

      Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Shapewear

      The Wedding Day Shapewear Guide

      So you found the perfect wedding dress, you’re all set now right? Not quite...Wedding dresses now in days simply require some sort of shapewear undergarment to provide support, security, the slim look you desire, and most importantly to prevent your dress from creasing.

      Wedding Day Shapewear Guide
      Shapewear takes on many shapes, styles, and varieties so when it comes to navigating the endless choices for your special day you need to have grounds on where to begin. Most women choose to wear some sort of shapewear- whether its an adhesive sticky bra and some sort of smoothing bodysuit. No matter what you decide on the reason we are here is to help you pick what's best for you and avoid the common pitfalls most brides to fall into.


      Most Common Wedding Day Shapewear Mistakes

      The most common issue women experience is they make the mistake of picking the wrong color shapewear. Let’s say you’re wearing a sticky bra and you have a white dress, make sure you choose a white bra so it matches your dress in case the dress falls out of place, no one will notice.

      If you’re wearing a nude color dress make sure you get a nude bra that matches. This holds true for bodysuits as well. If you purchase a bodysuit make sure it matches the color of your dress so if there’s any wardrobe malfunction no one will know.

      Wedding day shapewearInvisible Short Control Body Shaper

      Break in Your Shapewear BEFORE Your Wedding

      Imagine it's your big day and you put on your shapewear only to discover that it doesn’t fit you, or its so uncomfortable you’d rather listen to nails scratching a chalkboard. This can be easily prevented by simply wearing your shapewear out a few times. Whether its a bra or a bodysuit, simply give it a test run by wearing it to work or going out for a night with your girlfriends. You’ll know after doing so whether it's the right fit for you or not.


      Your Shapewear Garment Depends on The Fabric of Your Wedding Dress

      The type of fabric is key in determining what type of shapewear to get. Does your wedding dress consist of a heavy or light fabric? If your gown is heavier go with shapewear that supports more of your bustline. If it's a lighter fabric that's more transparent you may want to go with a thong style or full-length body shaper as to prevent a panty line.

      Best Shapewear under wedding dress

      Colombiana Boutique - Invisible Body Shaper

      The Right Material For Under Your Wedding Dress

      What Material Should I pick?
      Make sure to choose shapewear that is seamless to get the best compression without it digging into you. We generally recommend picking some sort of spandex or nylon material. The type of microfiber they use are the most comfortable and do the job very well.

      What Style Dress Do You Have?
      Unless you are wearing some sort of ball gown it is recommended that you wear shapewear under your wedding dress. While many designers are creating built-in padding to help support you, we find that this does not do the full trick.

      When To Purchase Shapewear?
      We recommend starting shopping for an undergarment right around your first wedding dress fitting. You should be conscious of the fact that you may lose or gain weight before the big day in determining the size you get. If you plan on losing weight before the wedding makes sure you plan accordingly.

      For More Information On Wedding Day Shapewear Visit -

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      The Best Colombian Body Shaper Girdles for Women Review

      Colombian body shapers are taking the shapewear industry by storm. Supplied from the South American country of Colombia they are now considered to be the premium girdles for women in today’s age and have overtaken the traditional girdle undergarments normally manufactured in China.

      The Colombian textile industry has been the leader in innovation in this field since 2001 making compression undergarments that help women & men attain the look they want in whatever attire they choose.

      Colombian fajas come with 2 types of compression:

      Light compression: Generally made out of Nylon and Spandex and high compression which is unique in fit, style, and compression strength.

      High compression: Composed of two major structures. The outer lining is a unique fabric comprised of a mixture of cotton & latex which enables compression in multiple directions. The inner lining of these garments can be made of cotton or lycra that results in a flexible fabric capable of creating a uniform compression in multiple directions.

      Colombian girdles are more expensive than your normal shapewear due to the materials used but they are also significantly higher in quality. In our minds, it's definitely worth it!

      Why Wear A Girdle?

      No matter what your circumstances are we all want to look and feel our best. We want to be confident on our best day in and day out. So what do you do if you have a big event like a wedding, a date, or a big party coming up?


      The answer so many women are turning to now and days is Colombian body shapers. Bodyshapers smooth your body and hide any excess stomach, abdomen, or back fat and have you looking at your best no matter what attire you are wearing.

      Which Colombian Bodyshaper Girdle?

      We use a one of a kind, unique online data algorithm to sort through the best girdles for you to choose from online. Our data sorts through thousands of consumer reviews, bestseller lists, social and editorial mentions, and social media buzz and comprised the best Colombian body shaper girdles available. These body shapers have been determined to be the best available and are adored by the users who use them.


      Best Light Compression Colombian Body Shaper

      Post Surgical Girdle Short with Central Hooks 11066

      Get Yours Today!

      Also in case you have any questions on how to choose the right shaper for your body type, check out our article here on -  Our guide for choosing the shaper for your body type.

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      The Best 5 Workouts to do with your Waist Cincher

      I’ve been getting lots of emails asking me what exercises to do with the waist trainers, and even though some recommendations have been to go out for a run or just to wear it consistently, some of you are not satisfied with just the basics and want a list of more detailed sets of workouts to work on your abs with your Waist Cincher. I’ve come up with 5 workouts that will boost up your results and the best part is that you can do these exercises at home or at the gym, so let’s get started.

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