Maria Elizondo from Are you the One Season 7 & Double Shot at Love wears our Famous Butt Lift Jeans!

Maria Elizondo from Are you the One Season 7 & Double Shot at Love wears our Famous Butt Lift Jeans!

I've been a fan of Maria Elizondo since I saw her on the first episode of "Are you the one" Season 7,  she always stood out to me because she seemed to be the most down to earth, and her beauty totally captivated me! I was happy she met her perfect match so early on in the season but was also saddened because she left so early on the season! Which is why I was thrilled to see her get re-cast at double shot of love. Now if you were a 90s baby like me, you have definitely seen or at least heard about a Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, I was a huge fan! Regardless of all this fangirling, I've always followed Maria Elizondo on Instagram and knew I had to have her as our first Celebrity #CBDOLL

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Not only is she a NJ native which as many of you know is where Colombiana Boutique was born, but she is a gorgeous and curvy latina woman, I just knew she would look absolutely amazing in our jeans, so I reached out to her manager and started our partnership.

I fortunately had the wonderful opportunity to meet Maria Elizondo at our headquarter offices in Fairview, NJ and got to show her around, let her choose and try on her very first Colombiana jeans, and I even got to meet her hilarious mom, Mrs. Elizondo! It was such a pleasant experience meeting with her and she was so sweet and humble!


We are so excited to welcome Maria Elizondo as our newest celebrity #CBDOLL!


Pictured is Maria Elizondo wearing our 'Baby Blue' jeans and #CBDOLLS crop top!


To end the blog on a funny note, we are sharing this hilarious Tiktok she made wearing @colombianabtq



How do you have time for 2?!?##FerragamoLetsDance

♬ original sound - Lexi Blue


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