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    About Waist Cinchers

    How to put on a waist training cincher?

    Most of us were so scared when we ordered our first waist trainer and it looked so small that we thought we would never fit there, but that is totally normal. In fact, it is supposed to be tight the first time you put on a waist trainer. So the best thing to do is ask someone else for help when putting it on the first time, With the help of another person, what you do is pull in each side of the waist cincher with both of your hands as hard as you can, then have the person helping you do the hooks for you from the bottom to the top. Once you get in the first hook, it gets a little easier. Don't forget that it is supposed to be tight, otherwise you won't see results.


    How do I wash my waist trainer?

    Always wash your waist cincher by hand, the washer machine will destroy it. Hang or lay flat to dry your garment. Do not put it in the dryer.