A scorpio's style guide for spooky season

A scorpio's style guide for spooky season

 Scorpio's: Born between October 23 - November 21

We know you don't like it, but Scorpio's, it's your time to shine! Secretive, mysetrious, and passionate are a few traits to describe you, and this reflects in your style! Scorpio's are our halloween babies, and we're secretly jealous because we want to be born during spooky season too!! Below, we've put together a style guide for our compelling scorpio dolls. 

 Black Denim

 Scorpios love them some BLACK in their closet. They love to wear edgy, and dark fits to keep the spooky vibes going. Throw on a deep red lipstick to add a touch of glam to your monochramtic look.


 Dark Denim

Your alluring style calls for sexy lacy black tops, corsets, and bodysuits. Dark denim speaks to you as they neutralize your sexy outfit. 


Distressed Denim

 No one loves distressed denim like our Scorpios! They add that edgy feel to an outfit, regardless of what top you throw on. Pair these with some thigh high booties to look extra bad ass.






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