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Do you desire to create a smoother line for your curves? Colombiana butt lifting denim jeans are here to help you. Your natural beauty deserves to be enhanced with our wide variety of levanta cola jeans that provide a flattering silhouette. With our handcrafted denim jeans from Colombia you will look and feel you best. Give yourself the confidence when it matters most and rock your jeans (and your well-shaped butt) like a rock star.

Our collection of high waist women's butt lifting jeans are made for comfort and fashion in mind. You willl look great in any one of the styles we have on offer, including skinny or ripped for example (we have a huge variety to suit everyone), and our jeans will enhance your figure without sacrificing any comfort thanks to our enjoyable stretchy denim material. You can even go down a size sometimes!

Your features will be highlighted with Colombiana’s best stretchy denim material. Our levanta cola jeans are the perfect fit for your every occasion, either if you want them for a daily use or for your MUST-GO and look fabulous event, we enrich your wardrobe with a wide range of the perfect jeans. Get the waistline contour you desire by trying out our collection of high-rise two or three button jeans that will provide the ultimate compliment to your assets with our unique Colombian heart shape stitching and 3D pockets.

Whatever your reason for considering butt lifting clothing is, be it that you’re looking to create a curvier new figure or to enhance the one you already have, you can be sure of gaining an unrivalled sense of confidence and glamour in your choice of Colombiana jeans. While you’re at it, why not explore our other options like Colombian fajas that will complement your look? You are already perfect so why not buy the perfect jeans for you?