Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Shapewear

The Wedding Day Shapewear Guide

So you found the perfect wedding dress, you’re all set now right? Not quite...Wedding dresses now in days simply require some sort of shapewear undergarment to provide support, security, the slim look you desire, and most importantly to prevent your dress from creasing.

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Shapewear takes on many shapes, styles, and varieties so when it comes to navigating the endless choices for your special day you need to have grounds on where to begin. Most women choose to wear some sort of shapewear- whether its an adhesive sticky bra and some sort of smoothing bodysuit. No matter what you decide on the reason we are here is to help you pick what's best for you and avoid the common pitfalls most brides to fall into.

Most Common Wedding Day Shapewear Mistakes

The most common issue women experience is they make the mistake of picking the wrong color shapewear. Let’s say you’re wearing a sticky bra and you have a white dress, make sure you choose a white bra so it matches your dress in case the dress falls out of place, no one will notice.

If you’re wearing a nude color dress make sure you get a nude bra that matches. This holds true for bodysuits as well. If you purchase a bodysuit make sure it matches the color of your dress so if there’s any wardrobe malfunction no one will know.

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Break in Your Shapewear BEFORE Your Wedding

Imagine it's your big day and you put on your shapewear only to discover that it doesn’t fit you, or its so uncomfortable you’d rather listen to nails scratching a chalkboard. This can be easily prevented by simply wearing your shapewear out a few times. Whether its a bra or a bodysuit, simply give it a test run by wearing it to work or going out for a night with your girlfriends. You’ll know after doing so whether it's the right fit for you or not.

Your Shapewear Garment Depends on The Fabric of Your Wedding Dress

The type of fabric is key in determining what type of shapewear to get. Does your wedding dress consist of a heavy or light fabric? If your gown is heavier go with shapewear that supports more of your bust line. If it's a lighter fabric that's more transparent you may want to go with this super light and comfortable invisible fabric.


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The Right Material For Under Your Wedding Dress

What Material Should I pick?

Make sure to choose shapewear that is seamless to get the best compression without it digging into you. We generally recommend picking some sort of spandex or nylon material. The type of microfiber they use are the most comfortable and do the job very well.

What Style Dress Do You Have?

Unless you are wearing some sort of ball gown it is recommended that you wear shapewear under your wedding dress. While many designers are creating built-in padding to help support you, we find that this does not do the full trick.

When To Purchase Shapewear?

We recommend starting shopping for an undergarment right around your first wedding dress fitting. You should be conscious of the fact that you may lose or gain weight before the big day in determining the size you get. If you plan on losing weight before the wedding makes sure you plan accordingly.

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