Firey Leos - Here are our top 4 picks for you!

Firey Leos - Here are our top 4 picks for you!

I am personally surrounded by many Leos in my life and I absolutely love their flirty, fun, and firey attitude! Like lions. they are extremely loyal friends and will not hesitate to have your back when you need it! With school and work they are very motivated to be at the top of their game, but they play just as hard they work! With that said, our chosen style for this LEO month are denim mini skirts! They're bold and versatile just like you!


Caution Butt Lift Mini Skirt 13024


Follow You Butt Lift Mini Skirt 12937

'Picnic Day' Butt Lift Skirt 2017


'Alana' Butt Lift Levanta Cola Jean Skirt ZG6095

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