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Our top 5 jean picks for our Cancer Dolls!

And just like that, Cancer season is upon us. For our dolls who aren't as astrology savvy, Cancer season begins on June 21st and ends on July 22nd. Cancerians are known for being extremely nurturing and protective of everyone around them. They are very relatable and our favorite trait about them is how amazing they are at listening and giving the most empathetic advice.  With that said, our chosen style for Cancers this month are black jeans! 


Here is a list of our top black styles!

Dangerous Butt Lift Denim Shorts 13023


Burn Butt Lift Skinny Jeans 12945



Dove Butt Lift Skinny Capri Jeans 12931



Sunshine Butt Lift Skinny Jeans 2014



Raven Butt Lift Mini Skirt 2018

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