The Best 5 Workouts to Do with Your Waist Cincher

I’ve been getting lots of emails asking me what exercises to do with the waist trainers, and even though some recommendations have been to go out for a run or just to wear it consistently, some of you are not satisfied with just the basics and want a list of more detailed sets of workouts to work on your abs with your Waist Cincher. I’ve come up with 5 workouts that will boost up your results and the best part is that you can do these exercises at home or at the gym, so let’s get started.

Let’s start by warming up, you have no idea how simple but important this step is. Stretch your arms, your legs, your torso, and even your shoulders. These workouts are going to require proper positioning of the head and back.


We are going to do 4 sets of 45 seconds each. Set your timer to 0 and position your body as shown on the image below, then bring your right leg up for 5 seconds, then down. Bring your left leg up for another 5 seconds, then bring it down. Repeat this process for 45 seconds.

Once you are done, take a small break, no more than 60 seconds. Then lay on your back and get ready to start the next exercise.

Wide Toe Touches

You are going to bring your right leg up, as shown on the image below, and with your left hand, you are going to try to touch your toe. If you can't reach it, it's fine, just try to get as close as possible. Make sure your legs are straight up, then repeat the same process with your left leg and right hand. You are going to count 25 repetitions, and do it 4 times.

Once you are done, take your break of 60 seconds and get ready because we are going to push a little harder this time with our next exercise.

Single Knee Raise Crunches

Put both of your hands on the side of your head as shown below, and try to touch your right elbow with your left knee, make sure you that the leg that is not touching your knee is been stretched out completely. Do the same with the opposite elbow and knee. Do not lay down until you are finished. For this workout, you are going to need your timer again, and you will do this exercise for 30 seconds, repeat it 4 times.

Don't forget to rest for 60 seconds before we start our next exercise.

Heel Touches 

For this exercise, you are going to lay on your back, lift up your head for about 4 inches only and open your legs and bend your knees as shown below. Your hands must be stretched out and lying parallel to your body. Then, you are going to reach for your hills, right hand, right hill. Left hand, left heel. This workout is for your side muscles. Touch each hill 20 times and repeat 4 times.

Take another small break before we jump into our last workout move.


I know you may be a little tired by this point, but push yourself to finish all 5 workouts. Stand straight up and extend your arms to the sides, then go down to the right, up again, then down to the left side as shown below. Do this for 45 seconds, 4 times.

Then you are done, don't forget that you must be wearing your waist trainer to get the best results. If you still don't have one or need a new one, you can grab your own right here, these are my two favorites:

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