What Are Butt Lift Jeans and Why do Flat Booties Love them?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a “flat” butt. Just like with our chests, some women naturally have a lot, while others don’t. Regardless, we’ve got to love and work with what we’ve got and just like the trusty push-up bra, you can grab a pair of jeans levantacola to give you an extra boost when you need it.

What are Butt Lift Jeans?

What are butt lift jeans?

Butt lift jeans, also often called Colombian jeans, jeans levantacola, and push up jeans, are jeans that through their design help lift and shape your butt into a rounder, fuller shape. These jeans were first designed in Colombia (hence the name) and have been helping women feel fabulous since the 90s, but we’ve only seen the world embrace them over the past decade or so.

How Do Colombian Jeans Lift Your Butt?

How do Colombian jeans lift your butt?

Colombian jeans give your booty a boost by using a little more fabric around your rear which helps lift it and adds a little more structure to the jeans. This gives the most voluminous part of your booty the space it needs to have a shape, unlike so many jeans that only serve to flatten your booty further, and they also use special stitching techniques to help your booty look bigger and rounder. This makes them the perfect jeans for flat butts!

What Jeans for Flat Butts Do You Recommend?

Here are our top three recommendations for making your flat booty a perky one: 

1: Dorothy Butt Lift Jeans Levantacola

Colombiana Boutique - Dorothy Butt Lift Jeans Levantacola

These jeans are perfect for helping your flat booty look a little more voluptuous because they have a light wash because they help you look “thicker” in the best way possible! They also use heart-shaped stitching to help your booty have more shape and more definition. The wide-set relatively small pockets (still big enough to be useful!) also help your buns look fuller.

As a bonus, their large waistband and three buttons provide you with extra tummy control, stop you from getting a muffin top – which also helps your butt look fuller – and help distinguish your waist from your hips, helping further define your silhouette.

2: Valentine Butt Lift Levantacola Jeans

Colombiana Boutique - Valentine Butt Lift Levantacola Jeans

The Valentine jeans are perfect for anyone with a flatter butt shape, but is an absolute must-buy for anyone who is a pear shape or has fuller thighs. These jeans use stretchy, flattering denim with a medium-dark wash to help make your shape obvious, and the distressing on the upper thigh also helps to give you volume.

At the back, the wide-set pockets help your booty have more width, and their slightly smaller sizing with the heart-shaped stitching gives even the flattest butts volume and shape. Like our first recommendation, these jeans have a wide waistband to help emphasize your silhouette and help you feel sexy and confident even your lower tummy is usually you’re least favorite area of your body.

3: Kim Butt Lift Levantacola Jeans

'Kim' Butt Lift Levanta Cola Jeans 11692

The Kim Levantacola Jeans  are one of the most flattering pairs of jeans on the market for any body shape and will make the most of any sized booty. If you’re looking to add jeans for flat butts into your wardrobe, a no-pocket pair has to be among them.

The dark wash of these jeans helps to slim your legs while adding volume to your butt, hips and upper thighs and goes perfectly with any outfit. Without pockets, your booty is allowed to shine and gives a beautiful round shape while keeping the definition you have. The heart-shaped stitching draws attention to where your booty starts, giving it even more shape.

We all need to embrace our booties as they are and keep them perky by staying healthy, but if you’re looking for a little more than nature has blessed you with, butt lift jeans are the perfect answer and will keep you looking and feeling your best!

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