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Can I Wear Shapewear While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is one of the most difficult things a woman can go through, not just through a physical perspective, but a mental one. Our bodies change drastically, and while some...

Pregnancy is one of the most difficult things a woman can go through, not just through a physical perspective, but a mental one. Our bodies change drastically, and while some women find it easy to embrace their new body, others find it much more difficult to continue feeling comfortable on their own skin. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this! If you want to continue to feel your best and not have to worry about extra lumps and bumps or your thighs rubbing, then you are likely asking the question, “Can I wear shapewear while pregnant?”

Below, we’ll answer that question for you so you know what you can and can’t wear safely during your pregnancy.


Is It Safe to Wear Shapewear During Pregnancy?

Yes and no. The majority of shapewear garments are going to be absolutely fine from a medical perspective for you and your baby, as long as you are comfortable. You should, however, avoid wearing waist trainers and corsets. Remember that this kind of shapewear is trying to encourage your waist to shrink in size, something it can’t physically do as your body changes and the baby grows.


Can I Continue Wearing Shapewear During My Pregnancy?

Yes, you can, but you need to be careful about what you wear. As we talked about above, anything that puts pressure on your stomach isn’t going to do you or your baby any good. However, if you feel comfortable wearing it and the focus is on your thighs, butt, and other areas of your body, then you should be good to go!

Another thing to keep in mind as you choose your pregnancy shapewear is to choose seamless shapewear, ideally with no hooks or zippers. This will ensure you’re as comfortable as possible and don’t have anything that may irritate you, or try to suck in your stomach. For example, our High Compression Tummy Tuck may be a good choice for those post c-section, but is not suitable during your pregnancy.

A seamless, light weight and low compression shaper is perfect because it has no seams, tight closures, and also has an open gusset which not only makes your life easier, but is the most suitable choice for pregnant women. Everything is much more sensitive during your pregnancy, and so you want to do all you can to avoid yeast infections and similar issues. An open gusset ensures nothing gets too hot. 



Should I Size Up My Shapewear During Pregnancy?

It can be a good idea to, yes. Of course, your stomach will be changing shape and you’ll likely see some extra weight gain, so it’s a good idea to buy your shapewear in a size or two bigger than your normal, and adjust as your pregnancy goes on.


Can I Wear High Compression Shapewear During My Pregnancy?

While there won’t be any medical reasons to avoid high compression shapewear (though you should if there is a built in waist trainer or similar), you will – generally – find it incredibly uncomfortable.


Should I Buy Shapewear Designed for Pregnancy?

Again, it can be a good idea to. Shapewear which is designed for people recovering from pregnancy, surgery, or shapewear designed to help shape the thighs and butt with a low compression across the stomach is best.


In most cases, you can use your common sense – if it’s going to put pressure on your stomach or be so tight you can’t move around properly, put it away until after the baby is born. If you try a low-to-medium compression garment and it feels comfortable, then you’ll be good to go. The key here is to listen to your body! 



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