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#CBDOLL July Influencer of the Month: @dosage04_

Is it just us or did July fly by for you dolls, too? One second we were preparing for summer, waiting for the summer heat to get our tanning on,...

Is it just us or did July fly by for you dolls, too? One second we were preparing for summer, waiting for the summer heat to get our tanning on, and the next we're buying fall decorations for September! Regardless, we have been absolutely LOVING all of the photos our #CBDOLLS have been submitting and it was so hard to choose our doll of the month!
Ultimately, we decided that Diana was owed this title or a VERY long time. She has been a doll since winter of last year, and has been proudly representing us since! We absolutely love the authenticity of her content, and are so proud to have her on our Influencer team. I had the honor of interviewing Diana, and looking forward to sharing her full interview below!

Interview with @dosage04_ Doll of the Month

Grace: Hi Diana, how would you describe your personality?
Diana: Passionate, caring and a little sassy!
Grace: Are you a shoes, clothes, or makeup girl?
Diana: I think all of them complement each other to get the perfect look, so I think I'm into all of them.
Grace: What's a fun fact about you that your followers wouldn't know through your pictures?
Diana:  I'm actually pretty shy.
Grace: What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone looking to start in their influencer career?
Diana: Be patient. Getting followers takes time. Focus on quality over quantity, meaning creating great posts a couple times a week is better than posting random pics every day. Stay true to yourself and your style, and be authentic.
Grace: What is your favorite piece of content you have come up with to date/ regardless of the brand?
Diana: One of my favorite posts was for AJBangs boutique as I planed a fun photoshoot in a really nice location, and the pictures came out awesome! 
Grace: Who inspires your style the most?
Diana: I get inspiration from other bloggers and brands. I love to stay in the know of all the fashion trends.
Grace: If you were to choose any brand to work with, which would it be?
Diana: I don't have specific brand in mind. I really enjoy working with different brands and small businesses to support each other as we grow.
Grace: How do you like to style your Colombiana Jeans?
Diana: I love wearing my jeans in different was as they're so flattering and comfortable. But my go to is a bodysuit and heels for a classy look!
Grace: Anything you want to say to our audience?
Diana: I'm incredibly grateful for all the support from my followers, and all the new friends and partnerships I've made on the way. I look forward to work on more amazing projects and collaborations.
Thank you for allowing us to get to know you more via this quick interview, Diana! You have been such an asset to our  Influencer team, and we hope to see your social media accounts grow even more in the future!
You can follow Diana on her social media below:


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