#CBDOLL June Influencer of the Month: @alocontreras_47

Summer is a perfect time to show off all your curves and embrace this heat with fire outfits! That's why we love seeing our dolls show up, and show out in their perfectly curated summer fits with their Colombian jeans on! 

For the month of June, we have chosen Alondra as our June influencer of the month, because of her adorable summer styles. She brings such a innocent, fun and flirt flare to our jeans which we absolutely adore! We were so honored to interview her, and are excited to share more about our lovely #CBDOLL with you all!



Interview with @alocontreras_47 Doll of the Month

 Grace: Hi Alondra, how would you describe your style in three words?

Alondra: I would describe my style as Sexy, Chic & Bold.

Grace: When did you start your Influencer career and what inspired you to start?

Alondra: I started my influencer career during last year 2020. My friend Alexa actually gave me the courage to start. It all started with a photoshoot at Starbucks. 

 Grace: What are the hottest summer 2021 trends you are currently obsessed with?

Alondra: I’m currently obsessed with street wear trend.


Grace: Do you have any advice for ladies who are looking to start their influencer career?

Alondra: Be you & be true to yourself. Don’t be scared we all start somewhere. Have fun! It’s social media enjoy it.

Grace:  What is your favorite piece of content you have come up with to date, regardless of the brand? 

Alondra: My favorite piece of content has to be when I got the chance to work with your brand Colombiana it opened a lot of windows. I loved the opportunity I was shocked to receive the email. Over joyed when I saw it.

Grace: Who are your favorite fashion influencers?

Alondra:  Wowval, she’s so inspiring I love her & also Janet Guzman those are my favorite fashion influencers 

Grace:  If you were to choose any brand to work with, which would it be?

Alondra: Savage Fenty! I’m manifesting it 

Grace:  How do you like to style your Colombiana Jeans?

Alondra:  I love to style my Colombiana jeans with a cute pair of heels & a crop top.

Grace:  What are your three favorite jeans from our store right now?

AlondraEden Butt Lift Skinny,  Greek Butt Lift Skinny Jeans & Dandelion Butt Lift Skinny Jeans

Grace: Anything you want to say to our audience?

Alondra:  Thank you so much for your support, I couldn’t have made it this far without you all. The love & support you show me is amazing. 


Thank you so much for being such a proud #CBDOLL Alondra! We are also so PROUD to be working with you and love watching your influencer career take off! 

You can find Alondra on these social media platforms:


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