#CBDOLL May Influencer of the Month: @strawberry25

It's no secret that our #CBDOLLS are a huge part of Colombiana Boutique. Each and every unique CB Doll plays a huge roll in our vision of creating the most perfect fitting jeans for women of all shape and sizes. Our brands mission is to bring ladies high quality, authentic Colombian jeans to fit your curves, perfectly!

Without the help of our amazing team of Colombiana Boutique Dolls, this mission would not be possible, as they help us show diversity throughout our brand. Which is why we decided to bring in a new blog segment dedicated to showing off our Dolls!

For the Month of May we have chosen our #CBDOLL of the month. We have chosen her due to all the work she puts into her content and sharing her jeans in such fun and creative ways! Not to mention we definitely want to steal a piece of her closet.

Her style is a mix of trendy, sexy, and ethereal fairy and believe me when I say we are OBSESSED! We are so excited to share our brief interview with our Doll of the month - @strawberry25 aka Kristel!

Interview with @Strawberry25 Doll of the Month

Our marketing manager, Grace had the chance to interview Kristel. You can find the full interview below:

Grace: We know your username is @strawberry25 but what is your real name?

Kristel: My real name is Kristel Olivera

Grace: When did you start your Influencer career and what inspired you to start? 

Kristel: I started my Influencer career when covid started. Around the month of May. I was inspired by a post I saw on the explore page that said "on Instagram, you can become anything! A chef, a fitness coach, and a model, etc. and I said why not be an influencer! I was feeling down and needed some self-love! So I started taking photos in my room.

Grace: ALL of your photos are gorgeous! Who is the brains behind the camera?

Kristel: My husband is the one who goes around with me!

Grace: Do you have any advice for ladies who are looking to start their influencer career?

Kristel: Yes! believe in yourself and the most important one be UNIQUE! no matter if you have 2k, 5k followers always believe in yourself and put all your heart into it and have fun!

Grace: What is your favorite piece of content you have come up with to date/ regardless of the brand?

Kristel: Honestly, I don't have one I love them all haha!

Grace: Who are your favorite fashion influencers?

Kristel: Alexis Reynoso, Nicole San, and Lexi Mars

Grace: If you were to choose any brand to work with, which would it be?

Kristel: Fashion Nova!! and Princess Polly

Grace: How do you like to style your Colombiana Jeans?

Kristel: I love dressing them up I love wearing them with heels and a super dressy top it can be a halter top or a crop top. I mean anything looks good with them jeans!!

Grace: What are your three must-have jeans from our store?

Kristel: High waist style, levanta cola with 3D back pockets and hourglass!

Grace: How you feel about being Colombiana Boutique's first Influencer of the month?

Kristel: OMG!!! words can't explain how happy I feel! My heart skips a beat every time I see a photo of me on their website or Instagram feed. All I know is that I want to grow with Colombiana Boutique and continue working with them. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!


Thank you so much for being such a proud #CBDOLL Kristel! We are also so PROUD to be working with you and love watching your influencer career take off! 

You can find Kristel on these social media platforms:




Here are more of our favorite looks from Kristel!



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