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Colombiana Jeans Sizing Guide for the Perfect Fit

If you’re new to Colombian jeans or in this case, our famous “Colombiana” jeans, we know that the selection could be a bit overwhelming or you’re just not sure how to...

If you’re new to Colombian jeans or in this case, our famous “Colombiana” jeans, we know that the selection could be a bit overwhelming or you’re just not sure how to start! This is why we put a step-by-step guide to help you find your perfect fit. From choosing the right style, cuts, and lastly, we will help guide you to your perfect size - because who wants to deal with exchanges?


Let’s start off by finding your cut. This is the easiest step! We have four different cuts available: skinny fit, bootcut, capris and shorts. Skinny fit hug your legs and are slim through your thighs and calves. Bootcut hug your body from your waist down to your knee and then begin to flare all the way down. If you are choosing a bootcut jean, the material used in those can be less stretchy, so go up one size in those. Capris are slim and cut just below the knee. Shorts are cut above your knee.


Next, choose what color jeans you’d like. We have 5 standard colors: light blue, medium blue, dark blue, black and white. If you are choosing a black jean, they run a size smaller, so always go up one size in those! 


Let’s go over the various fits of our jeans. We have four fits of jeans that consist of four buttons, three buttons, two buttons, and one button. If you want that ultra-snatched, full coverage fit, we recommend our four or three button jeans. Our two button jeans are what you’re looking for if you want a more mid-waist fit, and a smaller waist band. For a more modern fit, and if you’re not a fan of our thick waist bands, go for the one button jeans which have a mid-waist fit as well! 


At Colombiana you will find two brands of jeans. These are both Colombiana owned brands but have are different in how they fit. If you are purchasing a Nicolette brand jean, and you like the tight fit, stick with your original size. If you want extra stretch, go up a size! For Colombiana brand jeans, they typically run one size bigger, so definitely go one size down for this if you like a tight fit and stick to your regular size for a comfortable fit! 


We know, our sizes can be a bit confusing. So let us break it down for you. The sizes you see on our website are actually American junior sizes. So, in order to find your size in Colombiana jeans, use our size conversion chart below.

Now, if you’re not so sure which size you are in American sizes, feel free to use our handy dandy, “What’s my size?” option that you can find on any product page. All you need to do is insert your waist + hip measurements in the two boxes, and your Colombiana jean size will be recommended! 

Hopefully this blog helped you ladies pick out your ideal Colombian jean style and size! But if we didn’t cover all your questions, feel free to email us for help at!




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