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Colombiana Fajas Shapewear Review | Best Body Shapers

All about Colombian Fajas, what makes it different and a review of the best Colombiana Faja Body Shapers

What does Colombian Fajas Mean?

Colombian fajas” is the Spanish term used to identify shapewear supplied from the South American country of Colombia.

The most important factor in determining why Colombian fajas are considered the premium bodyshapers in today’s age is because the Colombian textile industry has been the leader in innovation in this field since 2001 making compression undergarments that help women & men attain the look they want in whatever attire they choose.

What makes Colombian fajas so much different from the rest of body shapers from China

It all comes down to quality and compression! Colombian fajas come with 2 types of compression. Light compression which is generally made out of Nylon and Spandex and high compression which is unique in fit, style, and compression strength. Colombian high compression shapewear is composed of two major structures.

The outer lining is a unique fabric comprised of a mixture of cotton & latex which enables compression in multiple directions. The inner lining of these garments can be made of cotton or lycra that results in a flexible fabric capable of creating a uniform compression in multiple directions. Colombian Fajas are generally more expensive than lighter compression garments because the materials used are much more expensive but also significantly higher in quality.

There was a poll taken by over 50,000 women and it was determined that over 70% of women who used Colombian fajas over Chinese bodyshapers attained better results and were much happier with their purchase.

Which are the best quality Colombian Fajas?

Daily Use Low Back Body Shaper NS068 By Colombiana Boutique 

RATING 9.5/10

The name of this shaper says it all. Its comfort level is absolutely one of a kind and so far unmatched by any other type of undergarment in its class. While most bodyshapers are a tad uncomfortable we were able to wear this all day and barely even noticed we had it on. The spandex material is nice, light, and high quality.

Its side zipper is nice and makes it easy to take on and off. You don’t have to take the entire garment off just to use the bathroom as it has an open gusset for easy restroom use which is extremely handy.

We also love the fact that this shaper was designed to give your assets a lift at the back of the garment provides a nice butt lift. So not only is it comfortable but it delivers on giving you that solid look you want as well. We give the Daily use low back shaper by Colombiana Boutique a nearly perfect score as it delivers super solid on every metric.

Invisible Body Shaper NS012 Thong By Colombiana Boutique


The best part about the NS012 panty style bodyshaper is that it feels like it’s just part of your regular underwear except it helps smooth your edges as well. The fit is a nice comfortable high compression hold so we loved the look we got in a dress.

There are no hooks or zippers so the garment is pretty much invisible and completely natural to wear under your clothes. The fit is great as the straps are adjustable so if you lose or gain weight you can always alter the shaper to fit you no matter what.

If you’re looking for a great full-length faja this is one of the best on the market. It provides compression in your arms, legs, tummy, and breast area.

Everyday High Compression Shorts Faja with Bra and Side Zipper NS053

RATING 9.1/10

The material is durable, stretchy, and has strong central hooks for maximum security. The garment is guaranteed to remain in place so we put it to the test for an entire week. The results? Not once did it ever roll down or bulge...VERY IMPRESSIVE!

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