DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The best gifts to give loved ones come from the heart and what better way to celebrate the one who holds your heart than making your own gift. We have gathered 7 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts ideas that would be perfect to craft for your loved one this year.


Writing love letters is a long lost art so why not bring it back to life. Sit down and write the perfect letter to your loved one. Share your favorite memories of them, tell them when you first fell in love with them, list all the things you love about them. I’m sure there are little details you notice about them that they didn’t know you saw and paid attention to. Melt their heart as you slow the moment down as she sits reading your letter.  


If you and your loved one enjoy drinking wine, then this gift is perfect for you. Add that personal touch to your wine glasses by creating a custom etched design. Great creative with it! It can be sweet and personal or put an inside joke on the glass. Either way, your partner will love it! FIND OUT HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN.


Sometimes memories fade away and little details can get lost. Why not create a memory box of little reminders of important memories you and your loved one has shared. Customize the box and collect things like photos, tickets, trinkets or whatever you have that will help you trigger those special moments you don’t want to ever forget with your loved one.


Does your partner love to drink coffee or tea? Why not create a custom mug so every time they pull that mug out of the cabinet they can’t help but think of you. All you need is a white mug and permanent ceramic markers. Go cute, go funny, go crazy!


Are you and your partner nature lovers? Do you enjoy sitting on the porch and enjoying the peacefulness? Why not attract some birds to view together with a custom tasty winter treat for your backyard animal friends. This could also be a great gift that you could do together. Bag up all the supplies and make this together. SEE THE SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED.


Does your loved one feel at home in the kitchen? Do they love watching all the cooking shows? Then this gift ideas is perfect! Create your own extracts. Add that extra personal touch by getting pretty apothecary jarks to package your flavored extracts. Not only will they love it but you will love the food they make using this heart-felt gift. FIND OUT MORE.


Do you and your loved one love having movie night? Do you know their favorite drink? Do they have a hobby that they can’t get enough of? Why not create a themed basket of fun little goodies. For example, maybe your partner loves gardening. Get a cute tool box, add some new gardening gloves, throw in some fancy tools, new seeds, a book on what each flower symbolizes, etc. Another example is if they like a good mixed drink. Get a basket and fill with all the fixings to make the drinks. Get some cooper mugs, add some perfect snacks and so on. The time and thought you put into each item that you collected says a lot. FIND INSPIRATION HERE.

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