Faja of the Week: 8041

Lift your booty to new heights with our faja of the week. Our High Butt Lifter Panty 8041 not only enhances your natural booty but also helps to minimize your tummy, giving you a fabulous silhouette.

This shaper is designed to naturally lift your booty and instantly make it appear perkier and rounder.  The open circles combined with a thong panty allow your natural booty to shine. For a short torso this is a high-rise shaper so keep that in mind if you have a longer torso. No matter where the rise, it will still provide excellent lower tummy control. Made from a lyca/cotton/spandex mix it is strong enough to mold and hold your body but comfortable enough to wear all day.

Our High Butt Lifter Panty 8041 comes in 2 colors: beige and black and a variety of sizes ranging from XS-XXXL because at Colombiana we believe that everybody should feel confident in everything they wear.


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