Fall jean outfit ideas for Chilly weather!

We're not going to lie - the fall season is definitely our favorite season. The leggings, cozy outfits, cropped hoodies and hello? Boots! It's the season of layering, sipping on hot chocolate, and our personal favorite - visiting every single farm in the area to take cute insta-worthy pumpkin patch pics! 

Below, we've put together our favorite fall outfits to wear on a light hike, farm visit, or even just quick errand runs! (Do you get all dolled up to go to trader joe's or is it just us?)  


We love an all black, and grey ensemble and yes- I am guilty of having a mostly black wardrobe. (If you say you're not- stop lying!) Black just goes with everything, and best of all it is SO flattering! Spice your black jeans up with a grey trench and infinity scarf and you can call yourself a stylish witch! 



Just becaus its fall doesn't mean you have to part with the summer brights! We LOVE a fun and flirty bubblegum queen! Plus- quick tip? Our light wash jeans are the BEST at showing off booty! Pair it up with an oversized jumper and fun boots and you're ready to snap an iconic fall leaf throwing pic!



Wrapping up our outfit ideas with my personal FAVE! I'll let you in on a little secret. How to become an instant badass? Ripped jeans and a leather jacket. Throw on some chunky lace up boots and a graphic tee and all eyes will be on you, baby!


Which outfits is more you? Comment below and check out our Instagram and Tiktok page to see how our dolls style their Colombian jeans.

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