Galentine’s Day Party Ideas

February is the month of love and what better love to celebrate than that of friendship you have with your best girlfriends. Galentine’s Day is a fun made-up holiday created by the popular television show, Parks and Recreation, that screams perfection! Honestly, it makes me wonder wonder why it hasn’t been around longer.

Galentine’s Day is a day to gather all your close friends and celebrate your friendship. It is a great time to remind those important ladies in your lives that they are special and loved. We have made this list of fun and cute Galentine’s Day party ideas so pick the ones that will work best for you and get ready to start planning a great day!


Who doesn’t love a tipsy night of laughter with the girls? Once the wine starts flowing, so do all the fun memories and stories you have of each other. Make it a night to remember by remembering all the good times you have had. Don’t forget to include a variety of chocolates to cater to all taste buds.


We all craved having slumber parties when we were young. Who said we can’t have them as adults? Invite your ladies over to spend the night and do all the classic slumber party events: watch movies, try different face masks, share some good gossip and more. But hey, we are adults now, so don’t forget to grab some liquor for a mix-drink extravaganza! I mean, no one is driving since it is a slumber party so there is no limit on drinks that night.


A little friendly competition never hurt, right? Tell your ladies to whip up their favorite dessert dish for a baking battle. I mean, it is kind of a win-win situation. You get time with your besties, a smorgasbord of delicious treats and a night full of laughs.


Do you all love the 80s? Are you huge Britney Spears fans? Whatever you all share in common, create a party around the theme. Tell everyone they have to dress to match the theme because the food, décor and music will all be on point and they don’t want to stand out in the crowd. Be sure to warn everyone that pictures will be a must all night because it will be a night to remember.


Hop on Pinterest and find alcoholic drinks you have never tried before and host a mixology class. I’m sure the teaching moments will lesson as more drinks are poured, but that is okay! It is all about spending time with your besties and having a great time.


We have all played a version of secret Santa around Christmas so why not bring the same concept to Galentine’s Day. Have everyone bring a gift and play a swapping game so that everyone leaves with something. You can make take this in any direction you want depending on your group of friends. Maybe you make it be make-up themed or have a $10 limit. Step it up and have them all be adult-themed gifts. Whatever you do, everyone will leave with not only a gift but a night full of laughs.

FUN BONUS IDEA: Suggest a dress code

Start a group chat with your besties and coordinate a matching theme for your attire. Maybe you pick a main color (obviously red and pink are great February colors) or go outside the box and pick a fun pattern. Who knows, maybe you want to step up the game and everyone wears matching pajamas. Whatever it may be, it will make for great picture opportunities to share on your socials and show off your great group of friends.


Whatever you decide to do with your friends, we hope you have a wonderful time. The great thing about Galentine’s Day is that everyone is included. It doesn’t matter if your friends are in relationships or not, this is a day for everyone that can continue for years to come.

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