How to style Camo: In Honor of our Veterans

It's Veteran's Day, dolls! We want to show our appreciation to our American heroes all day toay, and one of our ways of doing so is styling a print that first originated in the army. during World War I. A team of fine artists were hired to hand paint camo or "camouflage" print so the soldiers would blend into the ground and sky. Soon after, camo print was adopted on every war, and was introduced as part of the unifom of the army. The purpose of army prints during warfare was to "blend in" but after a while, the camo print has made it's way into our closets to be used as a staple piece, or to "stand out". 

Below, we have put together a style guide on how to wear your camo prints tastefully. Camo print is a stlye that depending on what you pair it with, can look amazing regardless of the decade!



A great way to make it look like you aren't wearing army fatigues is to show some skin. Grab a cute cropped jacket or tank top to add a splash of camo without being too much. To keep it casual and sporty, pair with some ripped dark denim.




You can find camo print everything. Be sure to not wear it head-to-toe otherwise you will look like you are ready to go hunting for Bambi... which is a vibe, but maybe not the one you're going for.



Wear camo in unexpected ways. Add a flash of camo in the form of accessories for a hinto of a edge and tough girl vibes. 

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