How To: Wear Distressed Jeans In Winter

Do you dare to wear distressed jeans in the winter? It doesn’t sound like the most practical approach but sometimes it is hard to put away a pair of our most beloved jeans just because of the weather. We thought we’d show you some styling tips so you can dress warm but look cool this winter in your distressed jeans.

A great way to make distressed jeans winter appropriate is to focus on layering. Pair them with thick sweaters, cozy coats and boots. This look will never go out of style and there are so many options when you had in this direction. If you are still worried about the cold in your distressed jeans, pair them with some taller boots to get some added layers to parts of your legs.

Still worried about getting cold with all the holes and rips? Wear tights under your leggings but here is the catch, instead of trying to hide the fact you have them on, let them shine! Go for a color or patterns to give your look a little unique pop. This isn’t a highly practiced style but it doesn’t mean you can’t perfectly rock it. I’ll be honest, when I was researching for this blog and discovered this idea, my mind just clicked. It made perfect sense. You get the warmth with the unique pop we all want to stand out.

However you decide to wear your distressed jeans this winter, wear them with confidence. Don’t worry what others think and just be you. You be you and brave the cold in style.

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