Outfit Inspo: Bachelorette Party

It is wedding season and bachelorette parties are in full swing. Choosing the right outfit for the party can be difficult depending on what you are doing and where you are going. Plus, sometimes there are themes and dress codes to follow which can be stressful.

Traditionally, the bride will wear something a little different or all white to stand out from the group. It is her night to shine as she gets ready for her big day. Another trend is wearing matching or coordinating outfits or accessories to let everyone around you know that you guys are celebrating your girlfriend as she gets ready for her wedding.

Whatever you are doing, we want to help take the stress off so you can put your focus more on having a good time rather than what you are wearing. Here are a few ideas on what direction to go when it comes to planning bachelorette party outfits for your group.


Maybe your group of friends want to go for a more laid-back approach when it comes to partying. In this case, go for something more low-key and casual. We recommend t-shirts that set the mood and add some fun to the event.


Who doesn’t love a good themed party? What better way to have fun with your friends by asking everyone attending to dress on theme. Maybe you are having a slumber party event and ask everyone to wear pajamas. Go for a classy Kentucky Derby vibe and ask everyone to wear a dress with a big full brimmed hat. Head down south and dress in boots, cowboy hats and denim. Whatever you pick, it will be a blast!


This is a great option to stand out as a bachelorette party without being too in your face. A great approach for this to ask for everyone to wear a certain color, no matter the shade or outfit. This helps everyone wear something that fits their comfort in style while still keeping on-brand.


Let the bride shine. No matter what you wear or wear heading, always remember to let the bride have her moment.. This is her night to enjoy and she should be the center of attention.

Play to comfort. A lot of bachelorette parties include drinking, dancing, moving, etc. Make sure that you wear something that isn’t going to be too restrictive or cause discomfort.

Follow the dress code. Maybe matching and themes aren’t your thing. Do not be a party pooper and come in with a bad attitude or wearing things off brand. Remember, this is about making the bride happy and you can spend a few hours outside your comfort zone to do this.

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