Supporting Women Owned Businesses Who Are Out To Change The World

In honor of Women’s History Month we wanted to showcase some amazing female founded businesses. The growth of women owned businesses has been rising and continues to do so as the world is shifting due to the pandemic. Show your appreciation for all women and support these small businesses as they not only provide great products but are also giving back to the world at the same time.

Social Goods

Social Goods is a sister owned company that carries all kinds of statement making products that are perfect for Women History Month. They felt that by simply starting a conversation with their pieces is a great way to spark change. Not only will you look good making a statement but each item includes a donation to a variety of non-profit organizations not just for women’s rights but for so many more great causes. 

The Arise Box

The Arise Box is a woman owned subscription box service that gives back to survivors of human trafficking with the idea of buy one, build one. When you purchase a box, 10% of profits are used to build care packages for survivors. They take it one step further and when you subscribe, they pair you with a human trafficking survivor who is in a safe home recovering. You are able to exchange notes throughout the year and as you do, The Arise box is building a package filled with practical and encouraging items. They will them give the girls the packages as a way to help them fell support and love during their recovery.

Carry Courage

Carry Courage create handmade eco-conscious bags to help make a positive impact on the planet. They care about Earth and want to make it a better place for the next generations. They do this by using cork fabric because it is the only tree that benefits from the removal of its bark. By harvesting the cork , the tree actually absorbs more toxins and reduces greenhouse gases. So when you purchase a bag from them you are not only looking good, but you are also helping the planet. Seems like a win-win scenario!


Goodbeads is a woman owned jewelry company that was created when the founder wanted to combine her love of jewelry with her degree in wildlife and fisheries biology. She wanted to create pieces that you can look good wearing but also feel good about supporting. For every piece that you order, $5 is donated to nonprofits that are studying and find ways to preserve our planet. They take it one step further and ship using recycled packages that are also compostable too.

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