The Best Colombian Body Shaper Girdles for Women Review

Colombian body shapers are taking the shapewear industry by storm. Supplied from the South American country of Colombia they are now considered to be the premium girdles for women in today’s age and have overtaken the traditional girdle undergarments normally manufactured in China.

The Colombian textile industry has been the leader in innovation in this field since 2001 making compression undergarments that help women & men attain the look they want in whatever attire they choose.

Colombian fajas come with 2 types of compression:

Light compression:

Generally made out of Nylon and Spandex and high compression which is unique in fit, style, and compression strength.

High compression:

Composed of two major structures. The outer lining is a unique fabric comprised of a mixture of cotton & latex which enables compression in multiple directions. The inner lining of these garments can be made of cotton or lycra that results in a flexible fabric capable of creating a uniform compression in multiple directions.

Colombian girdles are more expensive than your normal shapewear due to the materials used but they are also significantly higher in quality. In our minds, it's definitely worth it!

Why Wear A Girdle?

No matter what your circumstances are we all want to look and feel our best. We want to be confident on our best day in and day out. So what do you do if you have a big event like a wedding, a date, or a big party coming up?

The answer so many women are turning to now and days is Colombian body shapers. Body shapers smooth your body and hide any excess stomach, abdomen, or back fat and have you looking at your best no matter what attire you are wearing.

Which Colombian Body Shaper Girdle?

We use a one of a kind, unique online data algorithm to sort through the best girdles for you to choose from online. Our data sorts through thousands of consumer reviews, bestseller lists, social and editorial mentions, and social media buzz and comprised the best Colombian body shaper girdles available. These body shapers have been determined to be the best available and are adored by the users who use them.

Best High Compression Colombian Body Shaper

Try the High Compression Panty Bodysuit Faja w/ Hooks & Zipper NS015

 High Compression Panty Bodysuit Faja w/ Hooks & Zipper NS015

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Also in case you have any questions on how to choose the right shaper for your body type, check out our article here on -  Our guide for choosing the shaper for your body type.

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