Trending Fall Styles to Watch out for this Season 2021!

This fall season we are finally getting what we've all been waiting for! The return of Y2K! Woohoo! That's right ladies, time to bring out the matching plaid two piece sets, the velvet sweatsuits, and baggy jeans! Hell, maybe flip phones will be in again soon too? We're tired of paying over 1K+ for an Iphone *sigh* - but that's a topic for another day! 


To keep you "Up to speed"  we have listed all the trends you need to know going into the fall season!



Cropped Cardigans, mini plaid skirts, slip dresses, and baguete dresses? Oh my! When did we die and go to Y2K heaven? We are literally SO excited.


Muted, Earthy tones are of course a clasic and will always be in style I mean, why wouldn't we want to match. with the beautiful fall leaves?


Skinny jeans definitly gave us a run for our money between 2008-2020 but now, its all about the chill and relaxed vibes of mom, bottcut and flared jeans! We are so here for it! (We still will always love our skinny jeans though, hehe)


Hope this helped you plan for your fall closet, doll! Make sure to shop our jeans to grab the hottest trends.


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