What are Colombian Jeans with Heart Shape Stitching?

One of Colombiana Boutique’s top selling jean styles is our famous “Heart Shape” jeans. If you read our blog post on Finding the Perfect Jean Style for Your Butt Type, our heart shape stitching jeans are perfect for all different types of booties! Heart shape stitching is the basis for many Colombian jeans, and if you are unfamiliar with these terms, we’ll break it down for you below!

What are Colombian jeans?

If you are unfamiliar with Colombian jeans, they are Colombia’s staple clothing item known for their butt lifting, and curve hugging properties. Usually made with thick and stretchy denim material, tummy control compression waist band, and of course a unique stitching on the booty that lifts and enhances the look of your bum. Colombian jeans also tend to have various different cuts and features from 3D pockets, ultra high waist bands, and of course our website’s best seller, the jeans with a heart shape sewn in!


What are heart shape stitching jeans? 

Heart shape stitched jeans are exactly what you would imagine! We stitch a half a heart shape right along the booty, so instead of the usual flat seams, we basically draw on that longed for shape right on the jean! These jeans are perfect for all different booty shapes. If you typically have a square, triangle, or inverted booty type, these jeans will help out a lot in creating a shape for your bum! If you have a circle or already heart shape booty, the stitching on the jeans will show case them even more!

Here are our must have heart shaped jeans right now: 

#1 'Rush Butt Lift Skinny Jeans

Every girl needs a staple dark denim skinny jean in their closet. Add an extra bootylicious heart shape stitch to spice up this neutral look. 

'Royal Butt Lift Skinny Jeans 12938'

Boot cut jeans are slowly making a comeback and we are so here for it! We love the extra sass it adds to any outfit, add in the heart shape stitching and we are obsessed!

'Best of Me Butt Lift Skinny Jeans 12943'

Light wash jeans with a contour black heart shape stitch? Yes, please! If you are looking for jeans to really make your bum stand out, look no more!


''Cali Butt Lift Skinny Jeans 2044'

One of our favorite types of butt lift jeans are 3D pockets because of that extra dimension they add to the booty! Mix that in with our signature heart shape and we are inlove!


'Azores But Lift Skinny Jeans 2035'

This dark denim one button jean is perfect for a girls night out as it has those sexy distressed details we absolutely adore!


What Colombiana boutique jean is your favorite? We have to say our signature heart shape is definitely a classic to have as it is just such a flattering fit! We hope you found this post informative! 

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