What #IMEVERYTHING Means to Our Doll - Joelle

It is Women’s History Month and we started an #IMEVERYTHING movement as a reminder that
everything about you makes you amazing so never shy away from being yourself.
We asked our dolls what #IMEVERYTHING means to them.


Be you, be yourself not what others want you to be. Stay true to yourself and not to the world out there!

I am faithful,
I am blessed,
I am happy,
I am humble,
I am grateful,
I am loved,
I am enough,
I am fearless,
I am determined,
I am beautiful inside out,
I am also a spiritual life coach, I help other women discover themselves, with powerful questioning and answering.
Today I tell you, “I AM” is a very powerful statement use it with faith, humbleness and positivity. It is the word you chose after “I AM” so choose wisely.


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