How to Lose Waist Sizes With Trainers

A waist trainer alone is not going to magically melt away all your unwanted fat. I’m sorry to bust the bubble that people (especially celebrities) have been telling you. If you really want to trim those inches off your waist you must combine waist training with a solid diet and weight loss program. In this article we will share tips to assist in your journey to achieving a smaller waist.

Consume More Meals

Now, this might seem like crazy but the key is not about eating more in quantity but rather eating roughly 6 smaller meals throughout the day rather than 3 large meals. By spacing it out like this you are providing your body the nutrients it needs to enhance your metabolism. Fun fact – did you know that wearing a waist trainer can actually help to reduce your appetite? No joke! It acts as an external LAP band and physically restricts your stomach, making it harder to overeat. When you pair a trainer with the new eating schedule, you will see that eating less at each meal isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Eat More Fiber

If wearing a trainer while eating more smaller meals still leaves you feeling hungry, don’t worry. Switch up what you are eating by consuming foods that are rich in fiber. By doing so it leave you feeling fuller longer and thus, eliminating those urges to snack between meals.

Drink More Water

When you drink more water, especially at meals, it helps you get fuller much quicker. This, when paired with the waist trainer and more fiber, help make eating smaller meals easier. Plus, drinking water is good for your body in general so more never hurts.

Don’t Eat Before Bed

Have your dinner several hours before going to sleep to help your body burn those calories. When your body is getting ready for sleep, functions start to slow, including your metabolism. It will be harder to burn off what you ate before bed compared to if  you ate it hours before.


Don’t forget to add in a healthy exercise routine. Added bonus – waist trainers can be worn during workouts for more added benefits. Waist trainers just keep sounding better and better! Follow these tips and over time you will be able to say goodbye to unwanted tummy fat.  

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