How Waist Training Works for Postpartum Moms

Having a baby puts a huge amount of strain on your body, no matter how you deliver. Our bodies have been pushed to the limits, our organs have moved, our muscles, have stretched and then suddenly – there’s no baby. That’s a big change, and it takes our bodies a while to recover. Many moms think about using postpartum shapewear and waist training to support their bodies as they return to their prebaby body.

If you’re wondering how this may work for you and if it’s the right decision, keep reading.


Stomach binding – the practice of wrapping the stomach with cloth after birth – isn’t a new practice. In fact, it has been extremely prevalent in Asia, Europe and Latin America for hundreds of years. They have different names all around the world, and many cultures understand the benefits that come from postpartum compression. When you think about using some form of compression postpartum, whether that be shapewear or a waist trainer, you are simply using a more sophisticated form of stomach binding.

So, how does waist training postpartum help? Let’s take a look at the benefits.


COMFORT - You feel more comfortable because it gives your stomach support.

HEALING - Compression helps your stomach muscles heal because it holds the muscles together. It also reduces inflammation because blood flow is increased.

SUPPORT - It helps to support your back because it allows your stomach to brace against the trainer instead of trying to tense when you move or lift your baby.

RECOVERY - Trainers help many moms get back their prebaby body.


Yes, but you should wait 6 weeks before using a waist trainer with hooks. This is because waist trainers have a very high degree of compression, and your body needs time to recover from birth. We recommend for the first 6 weeks that you stick to shapewear, after that, you can introduce waist trainers, like NS315 pictured above.


For all the benefits of compression we mentioned above, you can start wearing shapewear as soon as you feel able to do so after birth. You should always check in with your doula, midwife, or doctor to check that it is safe to do so in your circumstances.

If you have had a c-section, you need to choose a form of seamless shapewear so your scar can fully heal. Our seamless bodysuit 8051 will work well for you, though you may want to look at our postpartum range for those early days.

If you have a natural delivery, everything will gradually decrease in size, so it’s a good idea to get shapewear with hooks so you can adjust the fit as your body changes. For example, you may find that your upper stomach leans out quickly, while your lower stomach around your uterus takes much longer to heal. Our two most popular shapewear options are the NS015 and the NS049.

Our NS015 offers a high level of compression, so you may need to wait a few weeks before it is comfortable to wear. The NS049 is the most popular because it offers the most complete coverage. The Powernet material offers a high level of compression but is very soft and comfortable against the skin. See this video to see a full review of the NS015 and NS049 in detail so you can make the right decision for you.

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