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Everyday we are bombarded with information on how we should look, what we should be doing, what we should be eating, how we should be living, how we should just...

Everyday we are bombarded with information on how we should look, what we should be doing, what we should be eating, how we should be living, how we should just be and so on. It is no wonder so many people struggle with self-confidence. when we are constantly being told we need to be different, do things different, look different, etc. The truth is – you are already everything you need to be. You are you, and there is so much power in being you.


It can be scary to be yourself, especially in a world where it is all about “likes.” We can start to question ourselves and worry that if we show our true self, which might be very different from “the norm” that it might not be liked. Out of worry and concern, we can decide to only show people parts of ourselves because we fear if they saw the full version of us, it wouldn’t be accepted.

The truth is – not everyone is going to like you. It is just a fact. I know it can be harsh to read but once you start to accept that, life will become a lot easier. You will stop trying to please everyone, stop trying to hide parts of you and you will feel free to let the real you shine.

I came up with this way to help me realize I’m great being me, even if others don’t like it. Let’s say you are a delicious apple pie. Well, there will be people that you encounter that just don’t like apple pie, but guess what, it doesn’t make you less delicious or amazing. Who cares if that person doesn’t like you, there are plenty of other people in the world who love apple pie and will like you for being you – that amazing, delicious apple pie.

No obviously, you can substitute any type of pie, cake or dessert in there (I just happen to really enjoy apple pie). The thing to take away from the story is that you need to embrace who you are and not worry about pleasing everyone. Who knows, maybe you are a unique apple, cherry and rhubarb pie. Okay, maybe you aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but who cares. You just be the most delicious and amazing version of yourself and don’t try to hide your cherry parts to those who hate cherry or rhubarb parts to those who despise rhubarb.


As mentioned above, we live in a world heavily impacted by social media which circles around “likes.” With this becomes an extreme amount of social pressure to showcase the “right” kind of content, with the content being you. So much of what we see is fabricated and not real. The regular person has become actors in their own lives and for many it can be hard to step back from the roles.

Another challenge we face is vulnerability. Letting people see the real you come with unknown reactions which can cause us fear and anxiety. We worry about what others will think if we show our real selves and this can hold us back.

Whatever the reasons, we need to learn to embrace every part of us and not be ashamed. Learning to love and be yourself isn’t something that happens overnight and that is okay. With each little step you take you will realize that it can become easier and soon can be taking leaps. Below you will find a few ways to start taking steps in the right direction.


Being authentic means you are aware of who you are, what you stand for and share yourself in an honest way. Now, it might seem like a simple concept to “be yourself” but for many, it isn’t. It is okay if it is a process to get to the end goal. We need to realize that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Forgiveness. You need to accept that you are not perfect and never will be, but that is okay. You need to forgive yourself for mistakes you have made in the past and realize it is just part of your story. Everything has led you to this moment where you are ready to be the full version of you.

Be your own cheerleader. Support yourself and stand up for what is right for you. Remember that you are always there for yourself and that you are not going anywhere.

Get to know yourself. You might know what you like but maybe you don’t. Maybe you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to explore your likes and dislikes. Ask yourself some get-to-know-me questions and really think about your answers. Consider keeping a notebook to reflect on things that bring you happiness or make leave you drained. Overtime, you will start to see patterns that will help you discover more about yourself.

Own your strengths. Don’t be afraid to be proud of what you can do and have to offer. They can be tangible things like being a talented musician or intangible like having a great memory. Be proud of all the strengths you have and don’t take them lightly. All your strengths combine to make you into the unique person that you are.

Use your voice. Don’t be afraid to be honest and share what you are feeling. You have the right to set boundaries without the fear of avoiding conflict.

Enjoy what you love. Find time to enjoy doing things that make you happy. Set some time for yourself to allow yourself to watch your favorite TV show, take a hike, dance around the house or whatever. The more you do this, the more you will be able to connect with your authentic self and who knows what else you might discover about yourself along the way.


Being yourself means that you embrace everything about yourself and do not hide parts. We came up with our #IMEVERYTHING to encourage you to showcase everything that you are. We want every woman to feel powerful and confident in who they are. We want every woman to feel proud of everything that makes them who they are. We want every woman to say to themselves every day #IMEVERYTHING.


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