Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is a time of refresh and rebirth. It is the time of year when we go through our house with the desire to clean and remove the clutter that acquired after a long winter of hibernation. It provides a great opportunity to reassess what should go and reorganize what stays.

The idea of spring cleaning is nothing new to us, but have you ever considered cleaning more than just your home. It is a great time to clean out all the messy stuff that surrounds your personal life and give you the feeling of a fresh start.


We have all head the term “deep cleanse” used to sell us products that will clear dirt, grime and toxins. (I know you have seen those detox drinks being promoted by celebrities). Well, the thing is, you can remove toxic and negative impacting elements not just from your body, counters or wherever, but you can also remove them from your life.

Cleansing isn’t all about removing the negative habits, people or clutter; it’s also about replenishing with positive impacting elements. Just like when we clean off the kitchen table to remove the filth, we then add a vase full of our favorite flowers to give us something beautiful to enjoy. The purpose of cleaning your life is to make room for more positivity so you can have the best life possible.


There are many parts of your life that could benefit from a good cleanse. We have collected a list of places to start your spring cleaning.

Examine your relationships. Take a deep look at the relationships around you: family, friends, partners, work, etc. It might be time to end some toxic relationships or refine the boundaries of others. As we get older, we grow and change, so do our relationships with people. Sometimes for the good and other times for the bad. Take a look at what relationships are making you happy and which are not. If you are feeling strained with certain people, it is a good time to ask yourself: is this relationship really worth putting more time and effort into? Or would my time be better spent somewhere else? Our time is precious and valuable. Do these toxic people and relationships really deserve your time? Take a moment to identify who supports and appreciates you. Pay attention to the ones that add value to your life instead of taking away from it. There is nothing wrong with saying goodbye to exhausting and negative relationships and saying hello to positivity.

Need some more help examining your relationships? Here are some good questions to ask yourself: Does this person treat me well? Do they respect me and my time? Is this person good for me and support my goals? Does this person lift me up?

Maybe take it a step further and clean up your social media. Go through all that you have (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, Whatsapp, etc.) and remove or unfollow people who clutter your feed and take away from the people that do matter.

Examine your habits. We all get into daily routines of life. We find comfort in them, even if maybe they are not always beneficial. Try making a list of what you do each day for a week and then ask yourself questions like: Is this habit good for me? Does this habit bring me joy or am I just doing it because it is a habit? By looking at patterns you can start to see what you need to change in your life that might help you have more positive and productive days. If you have trouble sleeping and winding down at night, and notice that you play on your phone every night before bed, consider replacing your phone time with reading a book or stretching. Not all habits are bad but sometimes we are doing them too much or at times when we could be doing something more beneficial to our overall health.

Spruce up your diet. Eating can sometimes become a chore or habit. It can seem routine and mundane. Try switching up your foods and see if it gives you more energy and leaves you feeling more energized. Try experimenting with new recipes. Maybe this will boost your day because you are excited to be trying something new. Maybe it will inspire you in other ways to add new things to your life.

Also consider rethinking what you put into your body. Getting a balanced diet not only helps us physically but also mentally. Don’t focus on taking away things you love to eat but focus more on adding to your life with food. Consider consuming more foods that will fill you with energy rather than leave you feeling blah and depleted.

Declutter your mind.  Do you have things in your mind that you are holding onto but know you need to let go of? By holding onto all these negative moments, we are taking up space that could be filled with more positive and beneficial thoughts. Your mental space is important and deserve the same attention and care we give our physical spaces. A good way to start clearing out your brain is to start a daily journal. Maybe it is based around gratitude where you focus on all the good things floating around in your brain. Being mindful of all the good can help you shed the negative thoughts still sticking on in your brain. You could also start a basic diary where you just spill everything in that happened that day. Sometimes just by letting things out into the world can release a lot of tension and stress. Maybe we don’t see how upsetting that one thing truly was as it floats around in our brain but the minute you have to start processing through it to write it out in a sentence, we can see it in a different light. By writing things down it is helping us to release some of the hold our brain has onto it.


That’s it, beauties! There are 4 ways to start cleansing your life so that you can start enjoying it more. Remember, spring cleaning of ourselves can take a little time. It isn’t as easy as grabbing an old dress and tossing it into the “donate.” Box. Well, maybe that isn’t so easy for all of us either. But know that you are doing a good thing by giving yourself room to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It may be a little work but you will feel so good in the end. Happy cleaning!

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