Spring Trending Report

Anyone else ready to pack up your winter clothes and welcome in a new season? Well, you are in luck because Spring is here and it is time to see what trends are standing out this season.


Color lovers your dreams are coming true. Neon yellow is one of the hottest colors this summer so if you ever wanted a time to be bold, this is your time! Not really a subtle color, you can play with pops of it here and there; or you can dive right in and create a full head-to-toe look  as if you are a walking highlighter (in the best head turning way possible).


We might be wearing less material this Spring but is because it is now being used to make giant bags. There is no size limit when it comes to bags. The bigger the better!


This trend covers a lot of trends that will be popping up this spring. From bra tops to cutouts to anything skin showing, it is all about showing off your silhouette in whatever way possible. So start thinking sheer, skin and short when you are out shopping this spring.

Y2K STYLE – Bottoms Low-slung Waists

We mentioned this before in our Up and Coming Trends of 2022 blog that Y2K style was going to be hot this year and it is still staying on course. You will see this heavily inspire pants this season. High-rise will always be a favorite but low-slung waists are stepping into the spotlight this season. This spring is about showing skin and we all know Y2K fashion hits that on the mark.

Y2K STYLE – Dresses Over Pants

Another one from the nostalgic yearbook is the dress over pants look. It has been seen back on the runways, so get ready to see it back on the streets this Spring. There is no wrong way to wear this trend because it is all open for interpretation – play with length, fabric, occasions, color combinations. Let your mind go wild with this one.

Y2K STYLE – Shrunken Cardigans

If you haven’t figured it out by now, but anything Y2K inspired is in this year. Shrunken cardigans are another hot one to be worn this spring. It is all about showing off layers and skin with this trend. It does make a great transitional piece for those chilly times mornings and nights of Spring without being too heavy for when the warmth of the day hits.

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