Up and Coming Trends of 2022

The new year is here and so are new trends for the year. We have combed through all the stories and collected seven up and coming trends you might want to add to your closet for 2022. One thing we can say about the upcoming year is get ready to bring lots of drama!

Mini skirts

Last year we saw the conservative prairie dress style but this year hemlines are rising. Designers are bringing back the mini skirt in a lot of different styles hoping that you can find one that will work best for you. Still not convinced this leg-bearing trend is for you? Mix the bold colors trend with this one by paring some bright tights for some extra coverage.

Bra tops

This year you will see bra tops being infused with looks, not only for a night on the town but in more professional looks as well. We will see them being swapped out with t-shirts for every day looks. When it comes to wearing bras as crop tops, it is all about layering and fabric pairing. Mixing the delicate fabrics with other pieces will help create an interesting look and silhouette.


“Naked” fashion stepped out in 2021 and is strutting its way into 2022. We all know about sheer outfits and the celebrities that love to wear them. There is not much hiding when it comes to some skin-baring outfits and it goes hand-in-hand with the whole attention-grabbing mentality of 2022.  However, we will also see this in the form of cut-outs. Not only are they an effortless way to be sexy, but it also make a nod to the Y2K trend that is resurfacing.


One of the most unexpected trends to be emerging in 2022 is the catsuit. We have seen them on the runway and our favorite celebrities wearing them, but now it is time for it to hit the streets. Expect to see catsuits of all color, pattern, fabrics and more start to hit stores. If this trend seems a little much for you, try taming it down by layering it under a jacket or a more casual and neutral version.

Bold Colors

This is the year of being seen. The past few years we have been tucked away inside and now we want to be attention-grabbing in 2022. What better way then to step out in extremely bold and bright colors. No article of clothing or accessory is off limit. Whether you want a single pop-of-color against a neutral outfit or a whole outfit of color, have fun playing around because there are no rules when it comes to color.


Don’t pack away your sequined holiday pieces just yet! Sequins are sticking around so get ready for a shiny summer. Play with sequined pieces by dressing them up or adding them to a super casual outfit.


The bringing back of Y2K fashion has been rising the past few years and it isn’t over yet. A lot of the trends mentioned above make a not back to the 2000’s. So this year expect to see scarf tops, low-rise jeans, denim-on-denim and butterflies flooding stories this year along side the trends mentioned above. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to bringing back the style of 2000.

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