Summer Trending Report

Warmer weather is on the way so it is time to get ready for all the hot trends that will be popping up this summer. This summer is all about having fun and being bold. We did our research and found the four trends below to be all the rage this upcoming season. Which ones are you excited for?


With Y2K planting its feet firmly in 2022, it is no surprise that showing off skin with cut-outs is going to be hot this summer. We have seen this trend making headlines last year but this summer it is getting even bolder from minis to elegant dresses, nothing is off-limits when it comes to the use of cut-outs.


We mentioned in our Spring Trending Report that highlighter colors were in this year and what better color than hot pink to take the lead this summer. We aren’t talking about a single pop of color either, we are talking head-to-toe looks. When it comes to wearing hot pink this summer, there is no such thing as overdoing it.


Suits might not seem a typical summer wardrobe item but sometimes you have to go with the unexpected. The past few years we have been all about casual and now we are all about trying something new. The key is to play with fabrics so that it still looks structured without being overwhelmingly sweaty. Also, we have mentioned many times that bold colors are all the rage this year in all fashion elements but don’t count out a white. This neutral color can make a powerful statement too!


Another nod to the Y2K era will be happening on your feet this summer. Platform shoes are going to be everywhere, and no style is off limits – sneakers, heels, sandals and more – will all showcase platforms.

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