Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is starting to fill the air. We know that shopping isn’t for everyone and buying gifts for Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming to your partner. We have created a guide to not only help your partner find the perfect gift, but to also help you not have to fake a smile when they get you something basic or down right hideous. Hey, I hate to say it but we all have gotten that one gift that no matter how much we love our partner we just want to look at them, shake our head and say, “Really?” YIKES! So slide this guide into your partners inbox and don’t worry about having to fake a smile this year when you open your gift.


Is your girl all about comfort? Then Butt Lift Leggings would be the perfect gift for her. The stretchy material allows for all-day comfort while still smoothing out all the curves of her body. We offer leggings with various detail elements that elevate these from a basic legging to the perfect legging. Plus, they have a butt lifting feature that you get the benefit of seeing and enjoying. It seems like a win-win situation for everyone.



Does your girl love being active and building up a good sweat? If so, then we have the perfect gift idea for you. Get her our Sports Latex Gym Waist Trainer 1026. Not only will it help increase her workout but it will also help decrease her waist. The latex material makes it great for in the gym use by building up extra sweat, but it is also perfect for wearing outside the gym underneath clothing to give her an extra snatched waist under outfits.


Do you have a music-loving lady? How about getting her a custom Spotify bracelet of “your” song. Or maybe you have a hard time expressing yourself with words but know a song that perfectly sums it up. Why not surprise her with a bracelet of that song and watch her melt as she listens to what the lyrics say. This is a unique and thoughtful gift that she will always cherish and remember.


Does your lady love dressing up in all the latest trends? If so, then add a pair of our Colombiana Butt Lift Jeans to her wardrobe. Not only do we offer a variety of styles and colors, but we offer a range of sizes that will mold perfectly to your girl’s body. We put care into every pair of jeans because we want to give your girl the curves and confidence she deserves, the Colombiana way.


Do you and your girl enjoy an evening together with a bottle of wine? If this sounds like your ideal night together, then why not get her a State-Shaped Wine Cork Holder so that your nights together become a work-of-art. Order a state that has importance to you – maybe where you fell in love, your first home together, etc. Whatever you pick, it will be a fun time together filling it up.

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