Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month


Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) is a time to recognize the contributions, history, culture and achievements of Hispanics in the world. It began in 1968 under President Johnson but it wasn’t until 1988 with President Reagan that it was expanded to a 30-day celebration. The day of September 15th is important because it is the anniversary of independence for some Latin American countries. Other countries celebrate on September 16, September 18 and October 12. The 30-day celebration covers all of these significant moments in Hispanic history.


A great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month is to show your support and appreciation. You can do this by tasting amazing Hispanic food, admiring the authentic dress, learning about the history and culture of Hispanic countries and just enjoying the celebrations put on each year throughout the world.


As a Hispanic company, we are proud to honor and celebrate the heritage, culture and contributions of Hispanics. We are also happy to recognize some of our amazing Hispanic team members at Colombiana.


LISSET - Co-founder of Colombiana

Where are you from? Cali, Colombia

What do you love most about your country? The food - La bandeja Paisa and El sancocho are definitively what I miss the most, yum yum. The culture - Colombian people are very open, welcoming, passionate and charismatic.


CHRISTIAN - Co-founder of Colombiana

Where are you from? Guayaquil, Ecuador

What do you love most about your country? There are two things I love the most about my country and that is our food and our national soccer team.

DANNY - Warehouse Manager

Where are you from? Colombia

What do you love most about your country? I love the beautiful landscapes full of colors and diversity.

VANESSA - Customer Service Manager

Where are you from? Bogotá, Colombia

What do you love most about your country? Colombia is such a diverse country, that is really hard to choose only 1 thing. However, I could say that I love the fact of being able to find all seasons within the reach of a 2-3 hr drive. I mean, how cool is that?


MATEO - Receiving and Fulfillment

Where are you from? Medellin, Colombia

What do you love most about your country? Nature and food, especially Arepas.

CINDY - Returns & Exchanges

Where are you from? The beautiful country of Peru

What do you love most about your country? What I love most about my country are the variety of food and tourist destinations.

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