Outfit Inspo: Season Spanning Shorts

Riddle me this: Why do we only wear shorts during the summer, but we wear short dresses all year round? I mean, they both show off the same amount of skin but yet we put away our shorts once summer is over. This year leave your shorts right where they are and start wearing them this fall.


Tights have always been a closet staple for cooler months when we wear dresses. Now it is time to pair them with your shorts. Play around with colors and patterns and turn that summer vibe into fall fashion.

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One of the easiest ways to turn shorts into a multi-season style is to pair it with sweaters. I mean, who doesn’t already love more excuses to wear cozy sweaters. I know I do! If it isn’t quite cold enough where you are for sweaters, trade it in for a long sleeve turtleneck.

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If you didn’t already know, blazers are a perfect cold month piece. It is perfect for to dress up your pair of shorts, plus gives you some extra layers for those cold mornings.


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