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Finding the Perfect Jean Style for Your Butt Type

Have you been looking for the perfect pair of jeans? Learn about the different types of bottoms and the jeans that will be right for your body type. How to...

When it comes to styling an outfit, the biggest concern is often how your butt looks! Back in the 90s, “does my butt look big in this?” was a common refrain, but thankfully nowadays everyone likes a good butt. Whether you’ve got plenty in the trunk or lacking a little booty, our jeans will give you the fabulous shape you’re looking for.

Colombiana Jeans is home to the best butt lift jeans in the world. But we know how overwhelming our jean collection can be, so we decided to put together a style guide depending on your booty type. If you’re unsure about the perfect jean style for your behind, then read on as we reveal our best items for all shapes and sizes.


What Colombian Jeans Should I Choose for My Butt Type?

Butt lift jeans are also known as levanta cola jeans, booty-shaping jeans, push-up jeans, and even wedgie jeans. They’re designed to lift your buttocks, holding them in that gorgeous shape we see on Shakira, J-Lo, and Beyonce. Certain butt lifting jeans focus solely on the behind, but many also provide tummy support, contouring, and the illusion of a slimmer leg.

We have options for all body shapes and all tastes. Here are our four top jeans and the body shapes best suited to them:

The Best for Small Booties:

If you have a square-shaped butt, then these are the pair for you! Our range of 3D pocketed jeans giving a little extra projection to small or square booties! The pockets add just the right amount of volume without giving the appearance of padding and the material hugs you in all the right places. These jeans come in a range of colors and lengths so that you’ll have something to wear to all events. So, whether you’re shopping and running errands or going on lunch dates or evening meet-ups with your girlfriends, you know your favorite booty-lifting jeans are there for you!  

The Best for Heart & Triangle-Shaped Booties:

If you already have plenty of padding back there, but your behind is somewhat triangular or even heart-shaped, these pocket-free jeans will work for you! The middle seam adds a little more shape and volume to show off your shape. What’s not to love? These jeans offer tummy control, holding in your tum to create a seamless hourglass shape.

The Best for Square & Inverted Butt Types:

An hourglass figure is hugely popular these days, and will always be emphasized with these high-waisted jeans. They also look amazing if you don’t have a natural hourglass figure as they sit higher up than many other jean styles. This comfortable high-waisted jean sits on the perfect spot on your hips, giving you a naturally perky butt lift. These ultra-high-waisted jeans flatten your tummy and even out your curves. They give the illusion of a smaller waist, creating that stunning hip-to-waist ratio we all dream of!

The Best for All Butt Types:

Do you want to give your butt a round, peachy shape? Then these heart shaped butt lifting jeans will work wonders for you, whatever shape you are. These jeans are also known as wedgie jeans, but don’t be fooled: they’re still super comfortable! The stitching creates a heart shape on the backside, drawing attention to all your best assets!


Colombiana Jeans

At Colombiana, we know the value of an amazing pair of jeans. They not only emphasize all your best assets but make you feel incredible, too. Plus, we know that looking fabulous shouldn’t come at the cost of being comfortable, and so all of our jeans are made from stretchy material that’s easy to live in all day.  

A great pair of jeans can bring confidence and sass to your everyday life, so why not check out our full range of jeans today? 



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