How To: Wear Floral With Jeans

Wearing florals has gotten a bad rap over the years. It has been associated with looking older or giving you a frumpy vibe. Well, we are here to give you some tips on how to wear floral fashionably.


A smaller floral print gives the impression of a smaller frame. If you want to minimize your proportions and want to appear smaller, go with a smaller pattern. If you want a larger pattern, try to keep the flower size to no larger than your hand.


If florals seem too girly for you, don’t instantly run away from them. The great thing about pairing florals with jeans is that it can help add some edge to the softness of floral. Play with fabric and textures by throwing on a leather jacket or pair a floral top with some combat boots. You can create a unique look that keeps others intrigued about who you are just by how you look.


When pairing floral patterns with jeans, keep your accessories minimal and muted in color so that the eye isn’t going all over the place. It helps to create a polished look that looks like you are put together but not overdone. Going head to toe floral is best saved if wearing a dress or jumpsuit. Think about balance when choosing your floral patterns and play with adding pops of color rather than mixing multiple patterns together.


Even if it isn’t warm outside, with flowers in full bloom, doesn’t mean you can’t wear floral prints to brighten up your look. The best way is to choose colors that are season appropriate.


Floral patterns have a way of calling attention to areas where it is placed so why not put it to work! Use the patterns to direct attention to the areas you want to showcase and away from areas where you don’t. Wear dark jeans with a bright floral top to draw your eye upward if you aren’t enjoying your thighs that day.


If you are just not a floral person, don’t force the look. You want to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you wear. If florals are too much, try out other patterns that give the illusion of floral like watercolor-effect or abstract. There are fun ways to achieve a colorful floral vibe without looking like a vase full of flowers.


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