International Day of Peace: Hippie Inspired Outfits with Boot Cut Jeans

What better way to celebrate the International day of Peace than diving back into the 1980's, the decade this United Nations holiday was born and whip up our best 80s inspired outfits! The idea behind the International Day of Peace is to ceasefire throughout our nation, and unite as one regardless of race, and beliefs. Here at Colombiana, it is important for us to celebrate diversity and peace and believe that the world needs unity now more than ever. Today, let's focus on love, understanding and appreciation towards our peers, friends, family, and most importantly to strangers. One small act of kindness can change the outlook of someone's day! 


With that said, Namaste, Peace & Love, Dolls! Here are our 80s inspired boot cut looks!


The Hippie style of the 80s was inspired by the Western cowboy style, which is why they included lots of fringe with their outfits!

Flowery tops were an essential if you were a flower child in the 80s!

Ethereal, earthy, and flowery was definitely the go- to vibe to match with the "Peace n Love" motto.

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