Libra Season Style Guide for our Charming Dolls

As the weather changes so does the alignment of our stars, and with this change comes Libra season! If you are fortunate enough to have a Libra in your life or even better - if you are a Libra then you know just how charming and attractive their personalities are! They are alluring, and definitely romantic - and this shows in their fashion sense as well! You will never catch a Libra not looking their absolute best, and being the most extra, and well dressed people at the parties! (Um- hello - KIM K?) With that said, let's get on with your jean style guide to welcome the Libra season! 


If we could describe the fashion style of a LIbra, it would be these three words! They're fun, and flirty, and this shows in their clothing choices as well! 

Nothing says fun & flirty like a mini denim skirt! Dress her up with thigh high boots and a trench coat to transition into fall! Libras love to add that touch of sexiness in their style! 


Libra's love that luxury vibe, and nothing says class like dressing up a pair of white jeans with your favorite blazer and point toe heels.


To romanticize boot cut jeans for the flirty Libra, throw on a wide sleeve top and heels to charm your date.

We'd love to see you ladies try on these looks for the season! If you do try an outfit above, be sure to tag us on our Instagram and#CBDOLLS! We'd love to see you in your jeans! 


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