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#CBDOLL Influencer of the Year

The time has finally come for us to announce our #CBDOLL of the year, and we alway have such a hard time picking our doll of the month, because in...

The time has finally come for us to announce our #CBDOLL of the year, and we alway have such a hard time picking our doll of the month, because in our eyes they're all perfect. But for the doll of the year, this pick was a no brainer! Cynthia, AKA @pinkcyndixo on Instagram was the obvious choice! She has been a #CBDOLL since September of 2020, and we absolutely love seeing her wearing our jean on our newsfeed! Not to mention she is an epitome of an absolute doll! (Hello? Here love for pink, luxurious fashion, and fun fact: she was dressed as a Barbie this previous Halloween!) 

Cynthia has been rooting for us since we first launched our Influencer program and has been killing it ever since. She has been featured multiple times on our Instagram, and our Black Friday ad of 2020! We are super excited to share our fun interview with her below! Congratulations on being doll of the year, Cynthia! You absolutely deserve it!


Grace: Hi Cynthia, you are the #CBDOLL of the year! How do you feel?
Cynthia: I feel very honored to be able to work with an amazing brand.
Grace:How long have you been a  #CBDOLL?
Cynthia: 1 year
Grace:What's a fun fact about you that your followers wouldn't know through your pictures?
Cynthia: I am a mommy of a beautiful daughter (15) and a handsome son (14)
Grace: Outside of being an influencer, what do you do for work?
Cynthia: I’m a certified Free Lance Makeup Artist
Grace: What are your current goals?
Cynthia: To stay focused on myself and to stay motivated on creating more content for all my supporters.
Grace: Who inspires your style the most?
Cynthia: I would have to say @jaszycortez  and @wowval_ on Instagram inspires my style the most.
Grace: What's your star sign?
Cynthia: My star sign is Sagittarius.
Grace: Do you have any unique talents?
Cynthia: I can’t think of a Unique Talent but another fun fact about me is I am a huge dog lover and own 4 gorgeous dogs who I love dearly. 
Grace: What would you say is your favorite feature about yourself?
Cynthia: My favorite feature about myself would have to be my (Hazel) eyes .
Grace: Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok? Which is your current go to social media?
Cynthia: Definitely Instagram!! Hands Down! I Have my Fashion Page @pinkcyndixo and I also have a Pink page @pink_glam_beautyroom
Grace: How do you like to style your Colombiana Jeans?
Cynthia: I usually enjoy styling them with a crop top and heels 
Grace: What are your three favorite jeans from our store right now?
Cynthia: Eva Butt Lift Skinny Jeans, brats butt lift skinny jeans, and Victorian Butt lift skinny jeans 
Grace: What's your favorite thing about being a #CBDOLL?
Cynthia: Being able to represent this awesome brand that offers great quality Jeans 
Grace: Anything you want to say to our audience?
Cynthia: Thank you so much for all the Love it truly means a lot and also don’t think twice Just show support buy the JEANS!!!
Thank you so much, Cynthia for being such a long term influencer and partner of Colombiana. We truly appreciate you always strutting your stuff and rocking absolute confidence in our jeans!


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