Quick costume Ideas using jeans for Halloween 2021

Well well, spooky season is finally upon us, and if you're a mom in a hurry or simply did not have the time to think about your halloween costume- we have got you covered girl! Below we have put together a few fun and quick costume ideas you can throw together from your own closet! We used our COLOMBIANA JEANS to pair the outfits together. (Even though they're last minute doesn't mean your booty has to suffer, just sayin!) But if you didn't already have a pair of our famous butt lift jeans, grab any pair from your closet!


Carole Baskin Costume 

 If you don't go with Carole Baskin, it's totally fine. I won't take offense. But why wouldn't you? It's HILARIOUS. Find a pair of flare jeans, throw on a flowy top from a thrift store, a floral crown, and don't forget the stuffed TIGER! You have yourself a real life villain.




Women's Maverick Costume from Top Gun 

We love a badass, action star moment. Dress up your dark wash jeans in a patchy leather jacket and some cowgirl boots and you'll definitely be the star of your own action movie! 




Marty McFly, Back to the Future costume

Looking for a costume you can put together with items already in your closet? I mean, who doen't already own a flannel and denim jacket? (If you don't I'm sure a sibling or certain special someone does!)  Marty Mcfly from back to the future is a simple, yet classic costume to pair with light wash jeans!


If you do decide to try out one of our oufit ideas, tag us @colombianaboutique and hashtag #DOLLOWEEN to be feature on our page! 


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