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It's officially our favorite time of the year, we just want to SCREAM from excitement! Okay- and maybe from a little bit of stress because as much as we love the holidays, gift giving could be SO stressful! and anxiety inducing! We have to worry about giving gifts to our parents, siblings, spouses, our spouses family, our nieces, nephews and if you're a parent - our kids! It's officially time to bust out our to-do list and start planning, dolls! Lucky for you, we made a gift guide to hopefully ease the burdens of what you should get your loved ones this holiday season!

COLOMBIAN JEANS: If she's like me, she loves everything clothing related. I love fashion, and clothes in general. (my overflowing closet can agree) So whenever I receive any new articles of clothing, I'm automatically pleased! What better gift to give a loved one than a pair of magical booty lifting and tummy tucking jeans? It's like receiving a high tech article of clothing! Win!

Price: $59.99

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WAIST TRAINER & OSMOTIC WRAP: This would be a gift that you'd give to a CLOSE friend or CLOSE family member, as this can be taken as an insult "What are you trying to tell me?" But personally, as someone who recently gave birth in Christmas of 2015, my eldest sister gifted me a waist trainer and I was absolutely thrilled! If you know someone who is recently post partum, or loves going to the gym in general, what better gift than a waist trainer + osmotic wrap for the ultimate burn out session? Not to mention, if their new years goal include slimming down, this is PERFECT.

Price: $50 Waist Trainer + $19.49 Osmotic Wrap

LEGGINGS: It's no secret the ladies. love. leggings. (anyone else love that alliteration we just did there? no? okay.. ) Ladies of all ages, sizes, and occupation LOVE to wear leggings! Especially during the fall and winter season. I mean they're comfy, easy to throw on, and STRETCHY. Women love stretch! It's in our DNA. What makes this winter staple even better as a gift? Well, it has the Colombiana tummy tucking and booty shaping touch of course! It's a no brainer they are our best selling item during the season!

Price: $49.99 - $55

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We hope you found our holiday gift shop helpful, and that you make someone feel very happy during the season! Remember, it's not about gifts, the holidays are more about spending quality time, watching cheesy Christmas movies and sipping on a hot cocoa. Spread love, kindness, and positivity this Christmas season! We know we will. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from our Colombiana family to yours! Cheers, dolls!

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